Jdorama: Koizora

hey guys..so this is the deal. i am basically a HUGE Japan Fan..thus meaning..i love everything about Japan..including culture, tv-shows, movies, anime,etc... i wish i could live in Japan for a year..i would be happy. i want to learn how to speak, read, and write the language, but classes over here are pretty expensive and of course my college does not offer it -.-;; anywhos, so today i spent the day watching this drama called "Koizora" and they had made a movie on it in 2007. honestly, i think i like the drama better..i think it's also because Seto Koji really got me since i think he is honto honto kawaii ! especially, when he's cheesing..*sigh love his smile lols. so those of you who like to watch romance and junk..check this one out ! for real i cried my ass off for this one. i didn't think i could cry so much for this drama. so onegai..go watch it. i hope everyone had a great christmas and i will ttyl. ;)


Dame Edna / NOTW

hey guys. so i just stopped by the MAC website just to see if they had anything new and guess what ! they do..! the Dame Edna Collection is now available online. for those of you who have been waiting for this collection to come out, you can now go ahead and order (yay). i ordered everything EXCEPT one of their lipstick. the reason being because it was a red-blue color and i honestly know i can't pull off red lippies. i wish i could =(. i just felt it would be a waste of $14 for something i won't be using. so once i receive my order i will def. post up a vid and swatches =). on another note i went to get my nails done today and every year for Christmas i always wear red nail polish. it's just something i've been doing and it's to get into the Christmas spirit lols. the color of the nail polish is "Showstopper" by Essie. it's a red with a gold undertone to it. it's a very pretty color. it's not to bright of a red or too dark. it's right in the middle...if you know what i mean haha. of course my 4 designs on the ring and index finger. it's a design of a flower with 3 gold dots. you can click to enlarge the picture. i'm not sure if that would make a diff. but that's the best i can do ! i'm sorry. anyways, i want to wish everyone a wonderful and Merry Christmas !

Holiday Look ;)

hey guys, what's good ? so i decided to create a Holiday look..well it's more for Christmas since the colors i'm using are gold, green, and red lols. anyways, let me know what you think ! it's a little smokey =, but i think it looks nice haha. idk i hope you guys like it though. of course since green is my fave color i had to show off the green lols. alrighty, here are some pics..enjoy ! oh yea i started to watermark my photos so sorry if you can't see the pics that well =\.

Products Used:

-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Horse Raddish"
-NARS Belly Dance Duo e/s the "Green"
-Kat Von D Ludwig Palette in "Orbi"
-MAC pigment in "Gold Dusk"
-CS 88 e/s Palette in "Red"
-MAC Fluidline in "Black Track"
-Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eyeliner in "Zero"
-Ardell Falsies in "103 Black"
-Cover Girl Waterproof Lashblast in "Black"

-MAC MSF Duo in "Medium/Natural Shimmer"
-MAC Studio Finish Concealer in "NC30"
-MAC Brow Set in "Begule"
-MAC MSF in "Petticoat" (used as blush)

-MAC lipstick in "Creme'd Nude"
-MAC lustreglass in "Little VI"

Pink and Purple Tutorial

hey guys ! it's been a minute since i posted up here ! goodness, i've been super duper busy lately !! finals are coming up and projects are due !! holy shit KILL ME ! anyway so i felt that i was behind on making tutorials and junk SO i decided to make one today. i hope you guys like it i mean i was just in a pinky/purplely mood lols. whatever i'm a retard. but yea so today i had lab for my Opthmalmic Dispensing class and I CUT MY HAND !! HOW right ?!!  well, let me tell you...after i was done cutting the lenses i had to take off the blocker and i didn't realize how sharp the lense actually was so as i was turning, the next thing i saw was a bloody ass hand !! the cut is HUGE ! it's across my palm (diagonally) and a cut on my thumb -.-;; it didn't hurt but it was burning haha. goodness, it was horrible. i swear something always seems to happen when i'm in lab for that class. it's ok though cause i got 90's on the jobs i did woohoo~ alright enough chitter chatter enjoy the pics and the video is on my youtube website so check it out :D. alright YO LATERRRR ! ;)

Products Used:

-MAC Cream Base in "Pearl"
-MAC e/s in "Sweet Lust"
-MAC e/s in "Swish"
-MAC e/s in "Hepcat"
-MAC e/s in "Satellite Dreams"
-MAC e/s in "Sketch"
-Urban Decay Ammo Palette e/s in "Polyester"
-MAC Mineralized Trio in "Outspoken"
-Jesse's Girl Eye Dust in "Star Shine"
-MAC Fluidline in "Black Track"
-Urban Decay 24 Glide eyeliner in "Zero"
-Ardell's Falsies in "110-Black"
-Cover Girl's Waterproof Lash Bast in "Black"

-MSF Duo in "Medium/Natural"
-MSF in "Petticoat"
-MAC Brow Set in "Begule"
-MAC Studio Finish Concealer in "NC30"

-Chapstick in "Strawberry"
-MAC Lustreglass in "Wonderstruck"

FOTD: Nails

hellooo world ! it's me ! lols yes, i know it has def. been a while since i wrote in this thing ! it's jsut i haven't been doing any tutorials or anything and of course busy with school. anywhos, got my nails did today and she drew 4 different designs. the color i chose today was called "room with a view" by Essie. i must say that color def. deceived me because it looked like it would be a nice visible pink BUT once it was put on it was like there wasn't any color ! so whatever it's not a big deal. so like always i got my designs done on my ring and index fingers and YES she did put glitter coating all over the other fingers. this way it lasts longer and won't chip as easily, which is what i need since i can't always go every week or 2. but yea i hope you guys like it and let me know what you think. oh yea i'm also trying out this new tooth paste i bought from Sephora. supposedly it really does it's job in whiting teeth. so i will def. post a review up once i get started on it. i plan on starting it on wednesday so i will let you guys know how it works out. alright, hopefully i can do a tutorial this weekend ! ttyl bye ^^;;

Arabic Inspired Look

hey guys ! how ya been ? so today i played around with my makeup to come up with an Arabic Inspired Look and I DID !! YAY for me lols. so idk if you guys know but this is a collab that i am doing with a few other gurus on Youtube ! it's so much fun (thanks smexie ;D) and this is what i came up with. i used all MAC products..i would've put foundation on but knowing that i was going to wash it off right away just didn't seem worth it lols. so i hope you guys like this look and i will be doing a few more (i hope) and def. keep yourselves posted to smexie's video cause that's where all our Arabic looks will be posted ! isn't it exciting..woohoo ! oh yea and there's no tutorial on this because i wasn't sure how it was going to turn out but it's ok. i'll make a tutorial out of the next one. hope you guys like it and let me know what you think. bye =).

Products used:

-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-MAC cream color base in Pearl
-MAC e/s in Goldmine
-MAC e/s in Satin Taupe
-MAC e/s in Carbon
-MAC e/s in Bronze
-MAC e/s in Woodwinked
-MAC e/s in Nylon
-MAC mineralized trio in Danger-Zone (only the Red)
-Jesse's Girl Eye Dust in Star Shine
-MAC Fluidline in Black Track
-Any black pencil eyeliner
-Ardell's Falsies 110 (my favorite ;D)

-MAC Blush in Springsheen
-if i was to use foundation i would use MUFE HD foundation

-MAC Lipstick in Creme'd Nude
-MAC Dazzleglass in Love Alert


hey all ! so i decided to do a FOTD and also to start a new section in my blogger about my nails and the designs i have and color. i had a few subscribers ask me about my nails and i figured it would be a great asset to my blog and my youtube account. so today i went to get my nails did (lols) and i absolutely love it. i used Essie's Tranquility and she drew line designs using a pastel orange, white, and a silver line in between. honestly, she does AMAZING nail art and she surprises me every week. she is unbelievable and she told me that it was all self taught she didn't go to school to learn how to draw nail art. anyhow my manicure was $10 (including 4 designs--2 designs each hand) and $3 tips. i've been going to her for the past few months because before i went to another lady that i've known for YEARS ! she literally watched me grow up but she was located too far so i decided to change to someone else. it's a lot more convenient since now this new lady is a lot closer. alright, so for those of you who was wondering if i drew these bad boys on myself..............the answer is no ! lols i'm not trying to be rude but yea..i wish i can draw them. but i do watch her do it though. OH YEA she also put a coat of orange glitter on the other fingers that didn't have designs on them. alright so here's a picture of it..i know it ain't clear but that's the best i can do since i don't have a digital camera at the moment and that means no tutorials yet ! arghh i need to go get my own. i hate sharing with my sister !! alright whatever enjoy the rest of your night or day ima go study for my midterm tomorrow ! bye :)