hey world ! seriously how long has it been since i've posted anything on here...i think a while haha. so i'm here to update you guys with looks i didn't get a chance to post up here. those of you who follow me on twitter or friends with me on FB may have seen them already but for those of you who didn't..i hope you like them lol. so it's summer time and it's time to have fun, kick back and relax with friends and fam. bbq's, vaca, the whole damn nine ! it's extremely deadly outside with almost 100 degrees. i think i might've gotten heat stroke just from standing in the sun for 2mins -_-;; but on the other hand i like the fact that's this hot cause this way you know it's OFFICIALLY SUMMER TIME. i LOVE summer cause it's that time to hit the beach and get that caramel golden tan we've all been waiting for. i've been busy lately actually looking for jobs that can get me good and quick cash and i hope it all goes well. i've been to a couple interviews already and yea. i was thinking if worse comes to worse i'll go work at Sephora or something. their starting pay isn't BAD AT ALL. it's i think around $11 and change for P/T with no exp. that's pretty damn good if you ask me. my old job at the optical store was less than that (when i def deserved more, at least 12/hr), but what can i do i was desprate and he was a cheap bastard. ok enough of the talking and hope everyone a=has a great summer !

this was the look i did for my bday, which was back in March.

i did this Smokey Metallic Green look for my friends birthday party.

this look was done when i went to meet miss PINK when she came to NYC.

this one i just did and uploaded on YT. it's an everyday look :)
i know the bottom right doesn't look like it's w/out flash but it is.
that's just the sun hitting the e/s.

this was another look i posted on YT. this is my go to night out look.
so universal, that it goes with anything you wear.

i did this for NYE. i know it's SO late but it's ok haha.
if only those strands of hair wasn't in the way... -_-;;

ok so this is it for all the makeup i've been doing. if you have any ques please leave a comment. other than that though, what do you guys think of all of this ? lmk ! alright, i'll catch you guys later. take care ;).

EOTD: Smokey Purple (less dramatic) Holiday Look?

hey hey hey ! so i decided to mess with some makeup today and i wanted to do a purple and silver look and instead i ended up with a smokey purple look. you prob can't see but there is silver in there. it's actually in the crease under all the other e/s colors i piled on top haha. as i was do this i felt like a newbie putting on makeup again. i haven't touched my stash in sucha long time. it actually feels good and feels like HOME. i know i'm crazy but you know that feeling after you do something, like a sense of achievement :). alright so here are a few pics of what i did and if you guys are interested as to how i accomplished this and what i used lmk. i will surely post a tutorial on my YT for it. i fig this is a good look for anything like a date, bars, clubs, lounges, new year's eve parties, go shopping, etc. basically anything, i'm sure you catch my drift yes ? great for the Holidays ! enjoy and take care~ BTW you can see my real lashes and the falsies because i didn't put mascara on since i was taking it right off anyway. my camera faded out the true color of the e/s :(.


ok so where do i begin. seriously, so school and work has been kicking my ass (esp. school). i barely have time for anything now. i haven't bought makeup or done anything with makeup. i'm going to try to post a holiday look up. if not i'm sorry guys, please bare with me. in the mean time i went shopping with Jinah and we made a video at the apple store. it's posted on her YT channel. i will post it up here so you guys can watch. we also took pics that i will post up as well. as for now that's all i'm going to update on. i start my winter vaca soon, SO i will post makeup stuff up. I PROMISE. i'm going to try Recharge Eye Mask and i'll give you guys the deets on how well it worked for me and what it's suppose to do. ok so, if there's anything you guys want to see or ques please feel free to ask or msg me on YT. till next time..take care everyone~ and stay warm !

Updates !

hey hey hey ! so it's def. been a while since i posted something. so i thought why not update you on what's going on, right ? lately, i've been just working and enjoying the rest of summer. i also made 2 vids for 2 contests to win Sigma Brushes. i always wanted to try them, since i heard such great reviews on them. it was a good kit to have for me to bring with me or if i had to do someone else's makeup i have extra GOOD brushes to use. the winners haven't been announced yet but i'm hoping i win lols. highly doubt it since there was a lot of entries that are better than me. i got to hang out with JinahChae this past weekend. it was fun we both enjoyed it very much. once again thank you Allen for everything ! i wish Jinah went to school closer to me haha. anyway, i will post pics of our weekend together when i get the pics from her, but for now enjoy these contest pics of my looks i did ;). lmk what you think ! have a great week everyone~ ;D.

1. the theme for this contest was "Old Hollywood"


2. the theme for this was "Smokey Eyes" for day or night.

EOTD: Feeling Blue.

hey guys ! so i decided to mess with some makeup today ! yay..even though i should be studying for my final tomm ! well that's obvious it's a total FAIL. it's ok though lols. anyways, so i ordered stuff from mac, which i was very happy to do since i haven't bought ANY MAKEUP related things for the past 3months ! so i decided to treat myself JUST THIS ONCE !! i know i should've purchased everything with the whole sumo thing but it's whatever. the mac stuff came today and opened it and of course i jumped right on it and came up with this look. i'm showing you guys these looks that i PLAN on making a tutorial for AND do not worry i will make it happen ! this is another one on my list that i will do a tutorial for (for those of you who are waiting patiently on YT :D). i should have more time now cause tomorrow is my last day in my summer class and i'll be officially enjoying my summer WOOHOO~ alright OH YEA sorry for my nasty eyebrows since i haven't gotten the chance to get them done ! i know eww right ? ok so on that note. enjoy your week and lmk what you think of the EOTD !! ;D ANOTHER THING..these pics kinda washed out the colors of this look. i'm sorry but my camera sucks monkey balls BIG TIME !

Products Used:
-MAC Shadestick in "Beige-ing"
-MAC e/s in "Fresh Water"
-MAC e/s in "Contrast"
-MAC e/s in "Parfait Amour"
-MAC e/s in "Nylon"
-MAC e/s in "Aquamarine"
-NYX pencil eyeliner in "Sapphire"
-Ardell Falsies in "Black 103"
-MAC Fluidline in "Black Track"


hey hey hey ! wow, it's def. min a while since i was on blogspot ! so i've been super busy even though school ended. basically i got 3 days off and started summer class the day after memorial day, which really sucks cause i didn't even get to relax ! it's ok though but i also haven't been buying any makeup stuff except concealer cause i really needed it. other then that i haven't bought anything. i saved a lot of money not buying makeup and i AM very proud of myself haha. it's been 2 months since my last makeup haul, which was the MAC sugar sweet collection ! so today i decided to get back on my makeup grind and i came up with a smokey pinky purple look. i'm not sure if i should make it into a tutorial, but most likely i will since i haven't posted up a tutorial since april on my YT channel..oy vey ! anyway, here's a couple of pics. let me know what you think and sorry for the lack of skill since i haven't done any sort of makeup in a while ! hope everyone is enjoying their week so far ! BYE ~

do you feel the smokey-ness ? haha

- sorry this pic is so blurry =\.

Jinah Day !

helloooo all ! so lucky me i got to spend a day and a half with miss JINAH CHAE ! woohoo haha. we met up on sunday around 4:30ish. it would've been earlier if she got off at the right train stop -.-;; but whatever haha. then we went to go eat at a korean tofu place (BCD) and i have to say that their "bul go bi" (however you spell it) didn't taste good at all ! i mean idk what happened there lols. jinah and me was like..."this does not taste good" haha. then we went KTV ! DUDE, i haven't been KTV in sucha long time ! i can't believe we actually did it. last time i went to one was like...in HS ?! that was mad long ago yo...but we had a blast. i felt bad for the peoples' ears outside that had to listen to me. JINAH is AMAZING at singing ! i told her to do some singing vids on YT but she said no ;(. sorry guys i tried *sigh. then on Monday we went to Chinatown and ate and walked around. that's also where we went our separate ways so sad ! honestly, i love this girl. haha i had so much fun with her. there was no awkward or silence moments, which was good haha. even when we first met it didn't feel like i was meeting her for the first time, it just felt like a friend i haven't seen in maddd long ! anyway, here are some pics and JINAH i hope you had a great time !! and yes she is going to come back very soon ! YAY ^^;;

TRY again ! haha, she tried to take pics of me. NOPE sorry ;)
i look kinda constipated..LOLS
(if you guys want to see a pic of Jinah sing go to my twitter [twitpic])

the infamous KTV room. this is where the magic happens ! haha

uhh..can you tell what my fave color is ? seriously, come on.

Shanghai food baby ! YUM


lookin' like 12yr olds. we actually planned our poses HAHA !

to finish it off, the same pic but diff angle !