FOTD: Nails

hellooo world ! it's me ! lols yes, i know it has def. been a while since i wrote in this thing ! it's jsut i haven't been doing any tutorials or anything and of course busy with school. anywhos, got my nails did today and she drew 4 different designs. the color i chose today was called "room with a view" by Essie. i must say that color def. deceived me because it looked like it would be a nice visible pink BUT once it was put on it was like there wasn't any color ! so whatever it's not a big deal. so like always i got my designs done on my ring and index fingers and YES she did put glitter coating all over the other fingers. this way it lasts longer and won't chip as easily, which is what i need since i can't always go every week or 2. but yea i hope you guys like it and let me know what you think. oh yea i'm also trying out this new tooth paste i bought from Sephora. supposedly it really does it's job in whiting teeth. so i will def. post a review up once i get started on it. i plan on starting it on wednesday so i will let you guys know how it works out. alright, hopefully i can do a tutorial this weekend ! ttyl bye ^^;;