Another year older !

hey guys. it's been a minute since i've been blogging or making any videos ! well, today is my birthday i'm excited and not at the same time lols. i don't want to get any older !! i feel old now *sigh. but the bright side would be it's soooo nice out today ! 65 degrees. i also going to vision expo @ Jacob Javits Center...i'm super excited for that. new products and optical/sun wear ! i might actually pick me up some there hehe. idk we'll see. what else is new with me...i'm going to Mitsuwa on April 13th. it's going to be my first time there ! i'm so excited for the goodies and food lols. i'm sucha fat ass. all i think about is food for real. anyway, for those of you aren't following me on twitter, i'm literally on it a lot more then i am with this. so go ahead and follow me on it, mmkay ? ;) alright, so i shall talk to you all later i need to get ready now and i'll try and take pics when i'm at vision expo ! byeeeee =)

Contest Entry for Petrilude

hey guys ! it's def been a minute since i posted up here and made a video ! this is a contest entry for Petrilude. i absolutely love this man's work and he is so talented. anyway, so he had a picture that he wanted us to do a look off of. it was a picture of the beach in, i think he said Hawaii. so this picture has almost every color imaginable ! that's why he picked it and plus it's a very pretty picture. makes me want to go to Hawaii *sigh. let me know what you guys think about this look !

Products Used:

-NYX JEP in "Milk"
-BN Lumiere e/s in "Sun Yellow"
-BN Lumiere e/s in "Tangerine"
-BN Lumiere e/s in "Azalea"
-BN Lumiere e/s in "Cosmic Blue"
-BN Lumiere e/s in "Royal Purple"
-BN Lumiere e/s in "Amethyst"
-BN Lumiere e/s in "Chartreuse"
-MAC e/s in "Gesso"
-MAC Fluidline in "Black Track"
-Fresh Supernova Mascara
-Mod Lash in "33-Black"
-Stila Kajal eyeliner in "Onyx"

-L'egere BB cream
-MAC Studio Finish Concealer in "NC30"
-Benefit's Powderflage
-MAC MSF Natural in "Medium Dark"
-MAC Mineralized Blush Duo in "Love Rock"
-MAC Eyebrow pencil in "Lingering"
-MAC Browset in "Girl Boy"

-MAC L/S in "Marquise D'"
-MAC Dazzleglass in "Date Night"

New Layout and Update

hey hey hey ! just a min ago i was on Twitter saying how i was heading to bed. that was a complete lie ! i decided i wanted to change my layout on this thing so i did ! isn't this just soooooooo cutee ;) ? kawaii ne ? anyway let me know what you think..if it's a good to go or i should change to something not so childish ? haha idk. i'm healing from my wisdom teeth extraction. the swelling went down so it's a good thing. i can finally eat solid foods ! yay for me hehe. i'm going to be having a contest soon on my YT channel !! once i reach 500 subbies i'm going for it haha. i've actually already been looking for prizes and i got some stuff from my own stash that i want to give away. simply because i don't use it and it is a waste you know ? ok, seriously ima go brush my teeth and sleep now ! gnite all !

my pup pup says "gnite" too =).

Face Front Cosmetics ;D

hello hello ! i have created a look using a few of my FFC stuff. i bought this stuff recently and i've been dying to use them ! so far i absolutely love them ! super pigmented and it lasts pretty long. i def. recommend these to people who have trouble looking for bright and fun mineral shadows. if not it's just good to have them cause they are worth it. BUT i bought these during their friends and family sale so it was all gravy ! ok so let me know what you guys think and yea ! lols BTW i'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled out this coming saturday ! SO SAD ! i won't be able to eat and i'ma lose mad weight and look like a skeleton ! ooh boy can't wait haha. alrighty, take care and gnite folks !

Products Used:

"FFC" = "Face Front Cosmetics"

-MAC Shadestick in "Beige-ing"
-FFC e/s in "Meramint"
-FFC e/s in "Aqua Marina"
-FFC e/s in "Pow Bam Wow" (love this color !)
-FFC e/s in "Weekend Warrior" (if you have Radio Waves, it'll work too)
-MAC e/s in "Sketch"
-MAC e/s in "Crystal Avalanche"
-MAC e/s in "Nylon"
-Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on liner in "Zero"
-MAC Fluidline in "Black Track"
-Ardell Falsies in "103 Black"

-MAC MSF Natural in "Medium Dark"
-MAC Brow Set in "Begule"
-MAC e/s in "Dark Devotion"
-MAC HK Blush in "Fun and Games"
-MAC Blush in "Harmony"

-Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner
-MAC l/s in "B-Babe"
-MAC HK l/g in "Mimmy"