hey all ! so i decided to do a FOTD and also to start a new section in my blogger about my nails and the designs i have and color. i had a few subscribers ask me about my nails and i figured it would be a great asset to my blog and my youtube account. so today i went to get my nails did (lols) and i absolutely love it. i used Essie's Tranquility and she drew line designs using a pastel orange, white, and a silver line in between. honestly, she does AMAZING nail art and she surprises me every week. she is unbelievable and she told me that it was all self taught she didn't go to school to learn how to draw nail art. anyhow my manicure was $10 (including 4 designs--2 designs each hand) and $3 tips. i've been going to her for the past few months because before i went to another lady that i've known for YEARS ! she literally watched me grow up but she was located too far so i decided to change to someone else. it's a lot more convenient since now this new lady is a lot closer. alright, so for those of you who was wondering if i drew these bad boys on myself..............the answer is no ! lols i'm not trying to be rude but yea..i wish i can draw them. but i do watch her do it though. OH YEA she also put a coat of orange glitter on the other fingers that didn't have designs on them. alright so here's a picture of it..i know it ain't clear but that's the best i can do since i don't have a digital camera at the moment and that means no tutorials yet ! arghh i need to go get my own. i hate sharing with my sister !! alright whatever enjoy the rest of your night or day ima go study for my midterm tomorrow ! bye :)


nice nails... nice ring too.. looks like a breastcancer logo..


thanks girl ! haha i never noticed that my ring kinda looks like the breast cancer heart =).