WETPAINTmakeupartist Contest Entry

hey guys ! damn, has it been a minute or what ?! alright, so lately i've been pretty busy and last night at like 3am (again) i decided to make an entry for WETPaintmakeupartist's contest. i have to say it turned out horrible (to me at least) and there was many fcuk ups but what can i do right ? anyway i submitted it in anyway haha. i have a tutorial on this if anyone is interested i will post it up. if not than whatever. uhh what else is there is say...OH YEA i did go to the MAC Hello Kitty unveiling on tuesday and i did get some things. so i will share that with you guys maybe tomorrow ? or tuesday ? or maybe i won't since many people have already posted up they videos or blogged about it, you know ? kinda pointless at this point lols. but idk we'll see what happens. ok guys i'm going to go do some studying and i will ttyl. let me know what you think about the contest entry =D.


you blend like a dream. its gorgeous! and you should've went out afterwards to party till 4am haha

good luck on the contest!


That is awesome! I love the color combos, so artistic.


loveee it. great job hun.


u should do tutorials.. its good! btw wuts ur ethinicity? i cant tell much r u chinese? heheh


hey girl, i hope you win the contest!! i dunno if you got my offline msg, but i apologize for missing your messages! i play Sims too much and it takes up the whole window! haha anyways i FINALLY got my contact lenses! and tell me what you got from hello kitty i wanna know!!