Dame Edna / NOTW

hey guys. so i just stopped by the MAC website just to see if they had anything new and guess what ! they do..! the Dame Edna Collection is now available online. for those of you who have been waiting for this collection to come out, you can now go ahead and order (yay). i ordered everything EXCEPT one of their lipstick. the reason being because it was a red-blue color and i honestly know i can't pull off red lippies. i wish i could =(. i just felt it would be a waste of $14 for something i won't be using. so once i receive my order i will def. post up a vid and swatches =). on another note i went to get my nails done today and every year for Christmas i always wear red nail polish. it's just something i've been doing and it's to get into the Christmas spirit lols. the color of the nail polish is "Showstopper" by Essie. it's a red with a gold undertone to it. it's a very pretty color. it's not to bright of a red or too dark. it's right in the middle...if you know what i mean haha. of course my 4 designs on the ring and index finger. it's a design of a flower with 3 gold dots. you can click to enlarge the picture. i'm not sure if that would make a diff. but that's the best i can do ! i'm sorry. anyways, i want to wish everyone a wonderful and Merry Christmas !


that's a lovely color! i meant to go do my nails but never made it =X

merry christmas !


very cute!
i love your nails
i kinda forgot to paint mine hah

merry christmas :D


yeah i didn't either till i walked in there! haha & they had body creams for like $3! its their semi-annual sale i might go back and get some more lol. you should deff check it out!

really? haha ill deff give it a try :] it'll be the next e/s brush on my list!


i am into reddish nails and i am loving that color right now!!


your nails are hot!! perfect for the holidays =)


your nails looks AMAZING! super cute!