Jdorama: Koizora

hey guys..so this is the deal. i am basically a HUGE Japan Fan..thus meaning..i love everything about Japan..including culture, tv-shows, movies, anime,etc... i wish i could live in Japan for a year..i would be happy. i want to learn how to speak, read, and write the language, but classes over here are pretty expensive and of course my college does not offer it -.-;; anywhos, so today i spent the day watching this drama called "Koizora" and they had made a movie on it in 2007. honestly, i think i like the drama better..i think it's also because Seto Koji really got me since i think he is honto honto kawaii ! especially, when he's cheesing..*sigh love his smile lols. so those of you who like to watch romance and junk..check this one out ! for real i cried my ass off for this one. i didn't think i could cry so much for this drama. so onegai..go watch it. i hope everyone had a great christmas and i will ttyl. ;)



where do you actually get your dramas from?


thanks for the info! there use to be a channel on cable that airs all these doramas, but i changed my cable service and have no idea where it went. :P

xmas was great! ate a lot and then slugged it out all day on the couch.

new year plans?


oh! they re-aired this during the new year break! it broke my heart XD


oo just saw this on youtube the other day~ loved it cos erena was in it :) shes so gorgeous and it was sad, i cried a heap! ps i love your contacts and makeup!*