New Layout and Update

hey hey hey ! just a min ago i was on Twitter saying how i was heading to bed. that was a complete lie ! i decided i wanted to change my layout on this thing so i did ! isn't this just soooooooo cutee ;) ? kawaii ne ? anyway let me know what you think..if it's a good to go or i should change to something not so childish ? haha idk. i'm healing from my wisdom teeth extraction. the swelling went down so it's a good thing. i can finally eat solid foods ! yay for me hehe. i'm going to be having a contest soon on my YT channel !! once i reach 500 subbies i'm going for it haha. i've actually already been looking for prizes and i got some stuff from my own stash that i want to give away. simply because i don't use it and it is a waste you know ? ok, seriously ima go brush my teeth and sleep now ! gnite all !

my pup pup says "gnite" too =).


yah i like the new layout! awww and ur pup is soo cute... haha funny i read ur twitter msg!


kawaiiii yo :) your doggie too hehe awwwww wana hug it haha x


what a cute doggie!