Another year older !

hey guys. it's been a minute since i've been blogging or making any videos ! well, today is my birthday i'm excited and not at the same time lols. i don't want to get any older !! i feel old now *sigh. but the bright side would be it's soooo nice out today ! 65 degrees. i also going to vision expo @ Jacob Javits Center...i'm super excited for that. new products and optical/sun wear ! i might actually pick me up some there hehe. idk we'll see. what else is new with me...i'm going to Mitsuwa on April 13th. it's going to be my first time there ! i'm so excited for the goodies and food lols. i'm sucha fat ass. all i think about is food for real. anyway, for those of you aren't following me on twitter, i'm literally on it a lot more then i am with this. so go ahead and follow me on it, mmkay ? ;) alright, so i shall talk to you all later i need to get ready now and i'll try and take pics when i'm at vision expo ! byeeeee =)


Yay! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mine is tomorrow! =)


happy bday again hun! =)


Happy Birthday sweetie!



happy belated birthday baby!!! well im gunna finally update my lezbo list and im adding you on...loving your looks babe...esp the candy lids!!! ohhh your gunna run a muck up at mistuwa its such a fun us your haulage when you do go...



Hey pretty lady!

It was good talkin to u in L's Blogtv last night !!

Super funny !

me going to followw youuuuu forevaaaa... ! LOL