hey hey hey ! wow, it's def. min a while since i was on blogspot ! so i've been super busy even though school ended. basically i got 3 days off and started summer class the day after memorial day, which really sucks cause i didn't even get to relax ! it's ok though but i also haven't been buying any makeup stuff except concealer cause i really needed it. other then that i haven't bought anything. i saved a lot of money not buying makeup and i AM very proud of myself haha. it's been 2 months since my last makeup haul, which was the MAC sugar sweet collection ! so today i decided to get back on my makeup grind and i came up with a smokey pinky purple look. i'm not sure if i should make it into a tutorial, but most likely i will since i haven't posted up a tutorial since april on my YT channel..oy vey ! anyway, here's a couple of pics. let me know what you think and sorry for the lack of skill since i haven't done any sort of makeup in a while ! hope everyone is enjoying their week so far ! BYE ~

do you feel the smokey-ness ? haha

- sorry this pic is so blurry =\.


very prettyyy! i love the color combo! :DD


missed you girl! i love this look - seriously so pretty!!


love the look, can't wait for a YT posting for a full view


Very pretty! I just love the color.


missed you here dear! nice eotd


haha i already have too many online community site accounts so i'm trying very hard not to get on twitter lol


damn baby you so sexyyyyy I love it!


wow this look is soo hot..


aw thanks!! what did you use for the pink in this look??