Jinah Day !

helloooo all ! so lucky me i got to spend a day and a half with miss JINAH CHAE ! woohoo haha. we met up on sunday around 4:30ish. it would've been earlier if she got off at the right train stop -.-;; but whatever haha. then we went to go eat at a korean tofu place (BCD) and i have to say that their "bul go bi" (however you spell it) didn't taste good at all ! i mean idk what happened there lols. jinah and me was like..."this does not taste good" haha. then we went KTV ! DUDE, i haven't been KTV in sucha long time ! i can't believe we actually did it. last time i went to one was like...in HS ?! that was mad long ago yo...but we had a blast. i felt bad for the peoples' ears outside that had to listen to me. JINAH is AMAZING at singing ! i told her to do some singing vids on YT but she said no ;(. sorry guys i tried *sigh. then on Monday we went to Chinatown and ate and walked around. that's also where we went our separate ways so sad ! honestly, i love this girl. haha i had so much fun with her. there was no awkward or silence moments, which was good haha. even when we first met it didn't feel like i was meeting her for the first time, it just felt like a friend i haven't seen in maddd long ! anyway, here are some pics and JINAH i hope you had a great time !! and yes she is going to come back very soon ! YAY ^^;;

TRY again ! haha, she tried to take pics of me. NOPE sorry ;)
i look kinda constipated..LOLS
(if you guys want to see a pic of Jinah sing go to my twitter [twitpic])

the infamous KTV room. this is where the magic happens ! haha

uhh..can you tell what my fave color is ? seriously, come on.

Shanghai food baby ! YUM


lookin' like 12yr olds. we actually planned our poses HAHA !

to finish it off, the same pic but diff angle !


haha! is your fave color green?!?! can't tell.. =P oooh can't wait to hang out with you girls soon!!! woo hoo!! =)


ooh your hair is so long and pretty!!!


awww you two are so cute, it looked like you both had a great time!


You and Jinah look like sister!

glad you ladies had a great time together!!



oHh kareoke!! should of recorded a video!! lol u r soOoo cute! just wanna pinch your cheeks hahah



yes yes yes! awesome to meet and have a great time!


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hey babe

were talking right now on AIM...but i thought it was apporpraite to leave you a proper shit stain as i would like to say!!!...looks like you guys had a day of fun..food and love making...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh looks like my kinda day...yummm i want that ice cream...i dunno if i can karaoke...i sing like a shit out of a loose ass...but i tell you what...i'll treat you anti glare eyes to a 50 cent peep show...hell yeah ma!!! i dont fuck with 25 cents...im high class...

yeah we must eat some bomb ass food...i have car you have suggestions?


Aww you two are so cute! And yumm shanghai food, I wish there are good chinese restaurants here!


MMM... the food looks yummy!

I'm following your blogger :)


your both cute!


cute look and nice blog...check my blog out anytime... like your style... ;)


yum! loving your blog. come stop by mine and check it out, hope to see you around soon!
x belle


you look beautiful when eat ice cream


Hey wassup! I liked the blog and what kinda phone you got there? Looks like a Blackberry



you guys look adorable!