ok so where do i begin. seriously, so school and work has been kicking my ass (esp. school). i barely have time for anything now. i haven't bought makeup or done anything with makeup. i'm going to try to post a holiday look up. if not i'm sorry guys, please bare with me. in the mean time i went shopping with Jinah and we made a video at the apple store. it's posted on her YT channel. i will post it up here so you guys can watch. we also took pics that i will post up as well. as for now that's all i'm going to update on. i start my winter vaca soon, SO i will post makeup stuff up. I PROMISE. i'm going to try Recharge Eye Mask and i'll give you guys the deets on how well it worked for me and what it's suppose to do. ok so, if there's anything you guys want to see or ques please feel free to ask or msg me on YT. till next time..take care everyone~ and stay warm !


You guys are too cute. :) Too bad I didn't get to meet Ms. Jinea when I was there!

Woman, do ya thang... I know you ova there gettin ya edjamakation on. ;)

Can't wait for ur upcomin' posts!


haha those pics are so adorable...=]