EOTD: Smokey Purple (less dramatic) Holiday Look?

hey hey hey ! so i decided to mess with some makeup today and i wanted to do a purple and silver look and instead i ended up with a smokey purple look. you prob can't see but there is silver in there. it's actually in the crease under all the other e/s colors i piled on top haha. as i was do this i felt like a newbie putting on makeup again. i haven't touched my stash in sucha long time. it actually feels good and feels like HOME. i know i'm crazy but you know that feeling after you do something, like a sense of achievement :). alright so here are a few pics of what i did and if you guys are interested as to how i accomplished this and what i used lmk. i will surely post a tutorial on my YT for it. i fig this is a good look for anything like a date, bars, clubs, lounges, new year's eve parties, go shopping, etc. basically anything, i'm sure you catch my drift yes ? great for the Holidays ! enjoy and take care~ BTW you can see my real lashes and the falsies because i didn't put mascara on since i was taking it right off anyway. my camera faded out the true color of the e/s :(.


u gotta clear up the wording on ur eyelids. very startling. 0_o


lol I honestly picked it randomly at target! I didn't know it was a good brand. I guess I got lucky :) So far it's not too bad. I've used it about twice now. I think it's great because it dries fast. It still doesn't compare to salon topcoat --that's must more glossy!


you know i love me some purple. you need to do more looks! like NOW. and live too. LMFAO.


purrrple is fav ever!!!just bring out my tiny little eyes.haha..im gonna check out your YT video haha:) xoxo


super duper pretty! i love this! so nicely blended! you are GREAT!


love the look you did to meet pink, along with the contacts!