hey world ! seriously how long has it been since i've posted anything on here...i think a while haha. so i'm here to update you guys with looks i didn't get a chance to post up here. those of you who follow me on twitter or friends with me on FB may have seen them already but for those of you who didn't..i hope you like them lol. so it's summer time and it's time to have fun, kick back and relax with friends and fam. bbq's, vaca, the whole damn nine ! it's extremely deadly outside with almost 100 degrees. i think i might've gotten heat stroke just from standing in the sun for 2mins -_-;; but on the other hand i like the fact that's this hot cause this way you know it's OFFICIALLY SUMMER TIME. i LOVE summer cause it's that time to hit the beach and get that caramel golden tan we've all been waiting for. i've been busy lately actually looking for jobs that can get me good and quick cash and i hope it all goes well. i've been to a couple interviews already and yea. i was thinking if worse comes to worse i'll go work at Sephora or something. their starting pay isn't BAD AT ALL. it's i think around $11 and change for P/T with no exp. that's pretty damn good if you ask me. my old job at the optical store was less than that (when i def deserved more, at least 12/hr), but what can i do i was desprate and he was a cheap bastard. ok enough of the talking and hope everyone a=has a great summer !

this was the look i did for my bday, which was back in March.

i did this Smokey Metallic Green look for my friends birthday party.

this look was done when i went to meet miss PINK when she came to NYC.

this one i just did and uploaded on YT. it's an everyday look :)
i know the bottom right doesn't look like it's w/out flash but it is.
that's just the sun hitting the e/s.

this was another look i posted on YT. this is my go to night out look.
so universal, that it goes with anything you wear.

i did this for NYE. i know it's SO late but it's ok haha.
if only those strands of hair wasn't in the way... -_-;;

ok so this is it for all the makeup i've been doing. if you have any ques please leave a comment. other than that though, what do you guys think of all of this ? lmk ! alright, i'll catch you guys later. take care ;).


your looks are always so beautiful!


Such pretty looks. Love them!


wow! love it! the color combination is so unique! :)


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