DSK Jewelry say WHAAAA ?! ;)

hey guys ! been a minute since i typed on here. anyway, so a few days ago i placed an order with the Miss Lovely Stephanie, owner of DSK Jewelry ! she's the sweetest girl ever and i received her package today ! i was so excited to get it YAY !! i took a few pics to show you guys what i ordered and i actually plan on getting more things from her ;). you guys should def. check out her site and purchase from her. it got here super fast because she uses USPS Priority shipping ! anyway, i'm in love and she threw in a special gift for me ! SERIOUSLY, HOW EFF'N SWEET IS THIS GIRL AND SHE SENT ME SNACKS !? she sent me an extra starfish in the Clear crystal color, which is GORGEOUS ! ok ok here are the pics and i need some contest ideas...i will also be posting up a Springy makeup look soon ! ok guys enjoy and let me know what you think :).

that's the gift she sent me --> starfish in the clear color ^^;;

can you tell how much i LOVE GREEN ?! ;D


omg how cute! & gorgeous jewellery!! does she ship internationally?


very pretty - especially the green pendants! i can't wait to get my order from her :)


the green is just gorgeous!!! so is the blue & red! so tempting! hehe.


nice :D say kira kira :)


ahhh! I love the post :D hehee You just had to have the starfish clear AB! you know =P

Thanks for the e-mail babe!


aw, another satisfied customer of DSK. <3 those will def look cute on you lady!

and why the hell are you so cute?! i love how u use alot of color... ima try to get a lil more BOLD with my fotds soon!