FOTD: Spring Time Look

GUYS, i have no inspiration to do any makeup lately. that and i'm eff'n lazy -.-;; anywho, i decided to jump on the same train as everyone else on YT and did a spring time look haha. I AM SO LAME !! can someone give me some coolness ? haha, ok i'm retarded right now and idk why. anywho, let me know what you think please ;). even if you don't like it, it's totally cool i won't be mad. i'm so wide awake right now i can't even fall asleep. this is not good since i have work early tomorrow morning ! ='( ima shower soon and hit the damn hay. GNITE~

Products Used: (update later)


beautiful!! the color is so vibrant! XD


i reallly need to learn how to blend like you bloggers!


love the look! great color combo! and ur eyes are amazing! what brand and color of contacts are u wearing on this look?


Oh, so colourful and in deed spring-ish. ;)


hey hun loving your blog!!!

u are so pretty!


i love this look!