Wedding !

hey guys, how's everyone's Easter going ? mine is ok, i mean i haven't done much haha. but ANYWAY, last night was my god brother's wedding ! OMG i still can't believe he finally got married. the reason i say that is because he was never the settling down type to get married and junk. but like he said "well it's been 6yrs so i guess it's time haha". TRUE STORY ! so we took pics last night. goodness, i look so busted and fat in all of them -.-;; but i will share anyway, for the wedding i decided to wear a bronze-brown look. i softened it up of course cause you DO NOT want to OD on color. for my sister i did a pinky-purple for her. there was this chick that DEF. OD on her shit. she looked like she just came out of a drag manufacture. i'm not kidding her falsies was longer then those fake acrylic nails, where they curl at the ends ? you guys know what i'm talking about ? anyway, she was mad ugly too. i'm really not hating but i think if she toned down on the makeup she would be ok, you know ? alright, enough of her so here are the pics of the wedding byee~


the groom (gaw gaw) and I ;D
god i look super fat here ughh....
seriously, can you tell how drunk he is already ? LIGHT WEIGHT !

my sis, my god sis, and I.
OMG, i looked so chinky-eyed. jeez -.-;;

my 2 other god-brothers and I.

the fatty "aaron kwok" (haha) and I.


are u kidding me
u dont look fat at alllllll


weddings are so much fun, arent' they?


You look super cute! You aint no fat!!!!

Lovely pictures. Love ur smile <3



awww u look soo gorgeous! i think this is my first time see ur whole face flicks! hehehe u dont have much eye makeup on too.. but i love the flawless face! xoxo



awww.. u look sooo cute!! =) love it!


you don't look fat at all!
LOL at the girl that looked like she just came out of a drag manufacture



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Hope to see you follow me soon.